Hanoi / Ha Long Bay (Dec 10th – 16th)

 I can’t be bothered to give a full account of Ha Long Bay but it was really fun. It made up for missing out on the karst geology in Yangshuo. Basically it was the same, but x10 and out at sea. I’ll let some photos do the talking…




Hanoi has been a fun city but it seems to be the start of backpacker central and has a very different feel to anywhere I’ve been so far. We’ll see how it continues… The Jazz Club here was lot of fun, and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum was a bit like a bad Madame Tussaud’s but without the price tag. Plan now is to head South to Phong Nha Ke Bang national park which has the world’s largest cave (Son Doong) plus a 14km long underground river of which you can check out 1.5km. The weather is looking pretty bad. I’m continuing cycling with Herbert and another German guy Philip in his 30s who cycled with Herbert back in Central Asia/China. They aren’t up for cycling through the rain, but I’ll see how it goes. Plan then is to cross into Laos at Lao Bao border crossing then West to Savannakhet for Chrimbo, and then down South for those world famous pumping New Year parties in Four Thousand Islands on the Mekong.

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