Bug of the month

Yes solo cycle touring really is a laugh a minute… but what kind of adventure is this without a little casual entomology en route? It has always entertained me how much bigger bugs get when you leave the UK and move into hotter climates. Ants especially. I’ve seen some real monsters. And proper super colonies too spanning multiple large trees with superhighways running between them and up them. I have seen hornets nearly 2.5″ long, and fatty horseflies 3 times bigger than UK ones. Mercifully I haven’t been bitten by either. Here is a round up of the best bugs so far.

For a good while this little guy was in the lead. I saw him (or her) in France fumbling clumsily through the herbe in the Champagne region. Clearly he had been on the booze. Unexpectedly I saw exactly the same type of bug when I was sat beneath the Decebalus statue in the Danube Gorge. The King incarnate perhaps? A good omen for sure…

Here are a few miscellaneous action shots from chomper ants taken in the Vosges mountains:




Clash of the Titans

Next up, we have this brute of a bug. Brutus his name was. Sadly he was no more, but in his prime he was no doubt a warrior king among bugs. R.I.P. Brutus.

Stag among stags

This beautiful lady I caught midflight between my thumb and index finger and then realeased back into the wild. Actually it was struggling for life on the floor so I put her out of her misery after stealing her soul.

I pulled over in a bus stop in Hungary to avoid what turned out to be a 45second downpour. I sat on the bench and in those 45 seconds I managed to get stung on my shoulder by this ere wasp.

I was about to send it packing to the afterlife when I noticed there was kid now stood behind me and it would have looked a bit pathetic to kill it. Thankfully the £3.99 H&M t-shirt acted as armour plating and mitigated the worst of the sting.

The photo alone does enough talking for the next bug.

Last up and way in the lead is this guy from Romania. First of all he has a smily face on his wings. That alone is enough to win, but he also gets double points for being on a hexagonal geometric surface. It’s gonna be a good while before anyone beats this guy:


In other news my plans have changed and changed again since being in Bulgaria. More news on that in another update next week….



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1 Response to Bug of the month

  1. Tom Henderson says:

    Did you bump into any “Green headed monsters” we had here last year?

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