Ruse (June 20th – 22nd)

Right now I am in Ruse, Bulgaria’s 5th largest city where I have been staying at the lovely and very accomodating English Guest House the last few nights.


Yesterday I did a whole bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to do for ages like buying a new waterproof tent bag, and I also squeezed in a quick 40km round trip visit to a cave monastery which I would give about 4 out of 10.

I am leaving for Varna on the coast of the Black Sea later on this afternoon. The plan is then to head down the coastal road towards Istanbul avoiding the mountains as much as possible. Will there be any sandy beaches? Will I get the opportunity to go for another swim? Will the coastal road be that bad? More importantly, is it true what they say about Bulgarian women? =o)

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3 Responses to Ruse (June 20th – 22nd)

  1. Odile says:

    Salut Talan, je suis ton périple depuis le début et j’améliore mon anglais en même temps, merci c’est souvent drôle (surtout l’anglais du jeune)… Je pense beaucoup à toi et je ne sais pas pourquoi je n’avais pas encore pensé à laisser un message, On devient bête avec l’âge ! Je raconte à ton grand-père aussi et lui envoie des photos ! J’ai passé une super semaine à Gloucester près de Boston aux US, c’était génial et j’y retournerai…
    Bon il faut que je continue à travailler,
    Je t’embrasse,

  2. Julia Bale says:

    I went to Varna and you have to pay to lie on the beach! It’s an even worse version of Newquay to be honest… Hopefully nicer beaches further south!

  3. Jovana Sumar says:

    Haha!! I’m loving your posts Talan!! =) Glad I can check up on what you’re up to!!

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