The Donau Delivers

After all the snaking about I did following the Danube between Donaueschingen and Dillingen, I was put off a little bit. So when I was given the choice betweeen following the cyclepath between Vilshofen and Passau, or sticking to the main road, I chose the latter. Passau was a beautiful town in which I would have liked to mooch around a little more. This is where a lot of people board huge 75meter long cruise boats which go all the way to Black Sea I’m told (to Budapest at least). 

From Passau to Linz is 77km by road, but 92km on the Danube cylepath. I managed to pick up a Bikeline book for the bargain price of 2€ in Augsburg so I knew that for this particular stretch it was well worth following the Danube for the views. So I did and it was well good. At Schögen I pulled over to schlug some Apfelschorle, and to take an hour out to climb to the following view point:

Oxbow who?

To give that some perspective those cargo boats in the left are at least 65metres long. All in all this was the longest day I had done so far: 120km cycling plus 1hour’s hking. In the evening I rolled into Linz “Eurpopean Cultural Capital 2009” where I was greeted by Michael, and Ute – friends of my father. Ute gave me a small tour of Linz and we tried going on a rooftop art tour which has been revamped and expanded since its inception in 2009. Would have been amazing to check it out by night but sadly it had closed by the time we got there…. I deem it worth spending another day here to check it out so I am now delaying my departure by half a day.

Next stop: Vienna

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