Serendipity (May 22nd – 23th)

I decided to leave Augsburg on Sunday morning. I had the opporunity to hang around until Wednesday whence I could have got a lift all the way to Bratislava. I felt as if if didn’t leave then I never would so decided to make tracks.

At first it was difficult being back on the bike after a 4/5 day break. Not the cycling. That was easy. Just the thoughts of ‘this again’ bouncing round my head. The major difference other than the comfort of a real bed etc is the security. Generally speaking I don’t mind sleeping in a tent in a forest or tucked somewhere out of the way. But I always sleep with the Opinel by my side, blade open and locked, “just in case”. That is what isn’t so cool. At night time I literally get woken up my animals scratching and diggging (foxes and rabbits presumably) and bounding/galloping (deer presumably) past my tent which I can feel as well as hear. Could be worse. Could be wolves like they have in Romania…. Wait a minute. Doesn’t the Danube..? Oh.


As I left a massive storm cloud was brewing over my shoulder back in Auxburg, and I was chasing the blue sky heading east towards Moosburg. Moooo! The Monday was a bit samey, but consistenly good weather. As I rolled into one village I came across an ‘Umleitung’ – a diversion. I asked some people the best way to get to the next village. They suggested I follow the diversion around a few other villages. I asked if it was possible to pass on my bike and they said maybe but the road is being turfed up by one of those giant gnawing machines. I thought about it then decided to plough on ahead because 1/ my map wasn’t good enough to successfully navigate the detour without a lot of hassle, 2/ I couldn’t be bothered to do the extra few km, and 3/ it’s fun to do things you’re told not to! So I cracked on along the uneven and turfed up road. Olga was proper lovin’ it.

Not soon after I got back on to the normal road, but before the diverted traffic had reconnected, I serendipitously came across a bike shop/workshop. But not just any bike shop, Mikel The Legend’s cycle shop. He sorted me right out. I picked up a new front and rear mudguard set for 10€, fitted a new drinks holder for my fuel bottle, and purchased a mirror which I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Not only that but he also managed to sort the gear problem. How? By bending the frame and inserting an extra spacer (told you so Dyls!) so I now have the full set of 24 gears. =]

Bike heaven


Vroom Vroom

Aint no juggernauts creeping up on me

 I spent the night in Vilshofen where I would meet up with the Danube once again….
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1 Response to Serendipity (May 22nd – 23th)

  1. Peter George says:

    Glad you`re enjoying yourself, Talan, thanks for the birthday greetings (?). Peter

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