N.B. If you haven’t logged in a little while then please click here and work your way up from the last entry you read (probably ‘Sunshine and baguettes’) before reading this one. The amount of comment-worthy sights and exchanges I have on a daily basis I could probably bang out a new blog post every other day but with the lack of internet cafes, it is looking increasingly likely that I will have to thrash out a mega update like this from time to time.


So it has been great to be in back in the ‘Burg for a few days and to catch up with old friends and have some decent conversation once again. There are a few online bits I need to do, some route planning, some bike tweaking (prob gonna change the mudguards – the front mudguard I pinched from a trashed bike at the top of Corn Street just aint cutting it), some tent waterproofing, and some relaxing. I’ll prob hang around until the weekend to see what the night life has to offer. Well actually I’ve already found out and it’s a tossup between hard techno and really hard techno…

I consider everything that has happened thus far to be a taster of what’s to come. Strong headwind – gonna get stronger. Heavy rain – gonna get heavier. Strange encounters – gonna get stranger. Getting lost – gonna get loster more lost. Bike problems – gonna get more problematic etc etc. It’s all been good experience and I will defragment the knowledge gained from the last two weeks cycling and recompile it into a more streamlined and debugged cycle touring methodology.

For now the sun is shining, the temperature has risen back into the mid twenties, the beers are flowing und das leben ist wieder schön.

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1 Response to Beer

  1. Chrs Howard says:

    Hello mucker how you doing? Ive been reading about your travels and i am impressed. Not knowing where you stay each night still makes me think how can you do it. Anyway thought i would give you something to smile about POO GATE 2!!! I got into work this morning to find Lamin smiling and a look of POO. I go into cubicle one and OMG another massive log couldnt beleive my eyes for a second time. And tyo top it off i saw Fabio get the sticvk out to tackle it. Speak soon mate take care and ill keep an eye out for more updates.

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