Richtung Auxburg (16th & 17th of May)

The Germans are lightyears ahead of the British when it comes to going green. Recycling is second nature here, and the percentage of rooftops decked out with solar panels is surprisingly high. A monster nuclear power plant cooling tower bellowing out steam was a reminder of the looming energy gap Germany is facing. This banner along the cyclepath exemplified the malcontent and increasing opposition to a renewed German nuclear energy programme.

Translation: ‘….Riedlingen 2050. But nuclear waste disposal sites are safe, right?….’

The penultimate day before arriving in Ausgburg I suffered a little bit. Probably ‘cos I had caught a small chill the last few nights (the temperature was dropping down to 8°C), and ‘cos I had been rinsing out the RPMs day after day with no break for the best part of two weeks. I got a good night’s sleep after somebody offered me a pitch in their garden. With still 80km or 50miles to go, I still had a good day’s cycling ahead of me(now that I am in the heart of continental Euruope it’s probably high time I make the transition to the superior metric system. Everyone will use it one day. Let’s hope Mr Trago Mills isn’t reading this blog). The sun broke out in the afternoon. I left the Danube cyclepath in Dillingen and took another cyclepath southeastwards richtung Aux. It was the home-straight to my Forward Operating Base and former Erasmus home town. I was excited that I would have a real bed for the next few days, plus all the other stuff you take for granted when you don’t live in a tent. The final few Ks flew by and I rolled into Königsplatz in the late afternoon/early evening where I met my old Erasmus comrade Laura who moved out here after graduating…

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