Olga Crush.

I have been tweaking and fine tuning the bike each day trying to find the optimum touring geometry. Those hours spent in Dylan’s workshop perfecting the brakes etc has definitely made for a quality ride. Alas, the XT derailleur still won’t allow me to drop down on to the smallest sprocket so I guess I’ll just have to put up with 21 gears instead of 24. Could be worse. People have cycled round the world on Penny Farthings, single speed bikes, and Unicycles. The Brooks saddle is definitely more comfortable now although still a good while off becoming fully molded to the increasing muscularity of my gluteus maximus. Schön. Thanks to Jet for the rain tip by the way. Not angling the seat like a surface-to-air missile helps heaps too. I am delighted to say that I have suffered zero knee pain during the last two weeks and have not applied a single smear of deep heat, had to pop any ibuprofen or otherwise ingest any of the host of pharmaceuticals I have at my disposal. I put this down to the cleat cycling shoes. They really do make all the difference and above all stop the knees bending and torquing in unnatural ways as was often the case with the chrome toe-clips I once used.

I have finally settled on a name for my bike after being inspired by a piece of Graffiti along the Danube cycle path. Like this blog title, the bike took a long time to christen and I wanted to get it right. The problem is, you see, she is a bit of brute. I needed a name which expressed this brawn. Inverse-nominative-determinism if you will. Now, it must be said that the following statement does not hold true for the one person I have met who actually had this name, but Ogla, to me at least, conjures up images of the sort of woman who can handle herself. The sort of woman who could comfortably carry a dozen Maβes of Bier, and then some. The sort… the sort who would be a fitting match to Obelix before and after la potion magique. And so Olga it is. Thus: sizable vulpine roadkill in the way? Olga Eat. Sizeable rock in the middle of the road? Olga Crush. Richtig banging elektronische musik? Olga Devour!

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2 Responses to Olga Crush.

  1. Leslie James Payne says:

    Nice to catch up again! My wife Janet & I were SC Dancing with Ken & Malou last night in Saltash! They don’t seem to be as anxious as they were last week, but maybe they are hiding it well? Keep up the Good Work and ENJOY!!

  2. Richard Linck says:

    Hello mate, been catching up with your blog today and enjoying the ride. Am a tad envious and kicking myself that I’m not there with you.

    Haha I know a girl called Olga who was here at the center, and yes she is also every thing that you have imagined. A big Russian girl who I’m sure can defiantly handle herself.

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